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I want to start this off by sharing a story of someone who recently joined our Discord group. This person joined and was frantically asking how to claim their 1000 satoshis from some website they signed up to.

They thought they got scammed and DMd me about the website they used. They were very fearful they lost some money—until I told them 1000 satoshis was like 50 cents.

Immediately they were more level-headed and said they no longer cared about the 1000 satoshis. I’ll get to why this is relevant in a minute, but first…

In this article we are going to explain how to get FREE crypto deposited straight to your account, and even more specifically… how to do it without being scammed. 

Let’s dig in. 

1) Airdrops

Free Crypto

If you don’t know what an airdrop is, definitely check out our specific article on it. Basically, it’s when a developer of a protocol wants to give away a ton of free tokens to the people who use the protocol, so that the launch process is fair.

For example, Uniswap is a tool that a lot of people really liked, so they launched their own token a while back. When they did, they airdropped their token to everyone who had used their tool.

Lucky for those people, they got 400 tokens which is worth over $10,000 in today’s price. If you want to participate in airdrops, there are a few websites that provide calendars and instructions, like CoinMarketCap and CoinMarketCal.

For some airdrops, you have to use the platform, while others only require a Twitter mention. 

2) Faucets

Bitcion Faucet

Faucets are a really cool idea. The very first faucet was the Bitcoin faucet, which paid people a very small amount of bitcoin for doing small tasks, such as answering questions, clicking links, and sharing stuff. Basically, it is a way to get other people interested in the project by giving them free crypto. 

They do this so new users can more easily perform transactions instead of having to find a complicated way to move the native coin or token where they want it.

For instance, in the old (now defunct) faucet, you just clicked a button, completed a captcha, and a very small amount of MATIC was deposited into your wallet.

These are definitely not scams, they are created to help onboard new users or any user who has ran out of tokens needed to perform a simple action. 

However, there are a lot of scams that pretend to be faucets. If the faucet ever wants you to connect your wallet, don’t do it! They don’t need you to.

3) Platform earn programs

There are many platforms out there that incentivize users by using and learning on their platform simply by interacting with it.

For example, Coinbase has this thing called Coinbase Earn where you can read articles and watch videos. At the end, you simply answer a quiz and earn free crypto if you answer correctly.

Why are they giving away this crypto? It’s definitely not a scam… it’s so that the specific crypto you’re learning about gets advertising, and so that Coinbase can acquire new customers by telling them they can earn free crypto.

I believe CoinMarketCap has a similar program you can enroll in, and I know there are others out there very similar. I personally earned $80 in crypto from Coinbase Earn when I signed up and went through all the lessons. 

4) Invest in a network with a liquidity program/interest earning dApps

If you want to earn free crypto, without getting scammed, AND you have some initial money to invest… the DeFi world is waiting at your fingertips.

There are these things called dApps, or decentralized applications that are only available to blockchain users. Once you know how, you can start earning 7% on your ETH at AAVE, or 30% on your stablecoins at Curve, or even 100% by providing liquidity at Sushiswap.

There is so much money flowing into this space right now that you hardly even have to do research to make money on your investment.

5) Centralized investments

If you’re less technical, there are safer options out there which are more centralized. Coinbase is a great example. Coinbase is a centralized business that takes the crypto you lend them, and then pays you a return for borrowing it.

Some coins go up to 8%, while others are only 2%. As a blockchain enthusiast, I do not recommend using these since these companies could get hacked and your crypto isn’t insured and will never be seen again.

However, a ton of people use them to earn free crypto without getting scammed, so they earned a spot on the list. Coinbase is one of many of these businesses that are excited to take your crypto.

6) and Binance Card

Two big companies, and Binance, have their own debit card. This card allows you to spend money almost wherever you want to, and then they pay you certain rewards in crypto depending on where you spend it.

I’m not saying that’s the only reason you should get their cards, but its as close to FREE crypto without being scammed as you’re gonna get. 

7) Hive Blockchain, LeoFinance, Steemit, Publish0x

There are blockchain social networks out there that reward you for publishing content.

For example, we earned around $50 simply for posting a few of our first articles on a website called LeoFinance, which uses the Hive Blockchain. Another big one is Steemit, which you may have heard of, but they are basically paying content creators for writing things that other people read. Publish0x is another platform that pays bloggers in cryptocurrencies for their work. 

8) Mining

Ethereum mining is the exact thing that started this channel. I got interested in how I could use my gaming computer to earn money by just letting it crunch numbers all night.

At the time, it was over $100 per month, so I decided to get into building a mining rig, then I started getting interested in DeFi stuff, and thus this amazing channel was born.

Mining is a way to get FREE crypto without being scammed, because most of you have a computer you can just turn on and let mine all month long without any issues.

9) Reddit moons

We’d be letting Reddit down if we didn’t talk about something called Reddit Moons. Basically, if you post content and comments on the subreddit /r/cryptocurrency, you have the opportunity to earn Moons. Moons are very, very cheap, but you can really rack them up if you’re a content creator on Reddit. 

10) Staking

Staking is a way of using crypto you already have to participate in a network that allows you to validate transactions. There are many different ways of doing this, but the easiest would be to hold your coins in something like a Binance account, lend your coins to them, and let them stake for you.

You can check out for a full list of all the stake-able coins and their current rewards, but always look at the project as a whole because there are a lot of scams

11) Brave Browser

Basic Attention Token

Okay, this video is long enough as it is, so I’m gonna summarize the Brave Browser real quick. It’s basically a fork of Chrome, but you get paid in crypto for using it.

Where does the crypto come from? Well, advertisers pay to put hourly ads on the browser, and they pay in Basic Attention Token. Those tokens go to you for using it and the creator of whatever website you’re visiting.

You get free crypto for using this web browser, and last I heard it was like $20 a month simply for using it. Plus it has a built-in adblocker, and a few other upgrades. 

12) Get a job 

For the last thing on this list, I wanted to share with you something that you probably need to hear. The best way to earn crypto… is through a job. That’s right! An hourly or salary job will earn you more per hour than any of these methods already mentioned.

Think about it, I can find a $10/hour job at my closest gas station, but can I make $10/hour using a faucet? What about the likelihood of a $10,000 airdrop happening again? Following those takes hours and almost all of them end up being less than $10.

So again, if you really want to build wealth with cryptocurrency, it’s not going to be through Coinbase Earn, or a faucet, or interest-bearing company like Binance. It’s going to be through the value you add to this world, and clicking a faucet button or signing up for an airdrop isn’t adding value.

Creating this video, or the other 100 we have on this channel, is creating value, but it also takes a lot of work, just keep that in mind. Don’t get all stressed out because you missed out on 1000 satoshis like that guy in our Discord group. 

There are tons of crypto-native jobs out there too, so if you have skills such as coding or marketing or art, definitely take a look for projects that are hiring, or maybe start your own!


About 99.99% of all apps out there are scams. Think you’ll make a million dollars by letting your app mine at night, or by tracking your location? When was the last time you heard someone even making $100 from one of those crypto apps?

They are almost all scams, and we just wanted to remind you of that. So when you’re looking for free crypto, make sure you’re not just jumping on an opportunity because you’re afraid of missing out. Do research first to make sure it’s a safe bet.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it, and we really hope you learned something.

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