About WhiteboardCrypto

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, finding clarity can be a challenge. That’s where WhiteboardCrypto steps in. Launched in March 2021 by Theodore, the creator behind the Practical Psychology YouTube channel, WhiteboardCrypto is your animated atlas in the ever-expanding crypto universe. Here are some of our viral videos:

Viral Videos

Our videos are more than just explanations; they’re a visual and intellectual adventure designed to make the complex simple and the complicated clear.

With over 2,000,000 subscribers on our sister channel, and almost 900,000 subscribers on this channel, we’ve honed the art of engaging content. Now, we’re bringing that expertise to the crypto space.

Our Origin Story

Theodore’s journey into crypto education began with a simple realization: while crypto was booming, accessible and engaging educational content was scarce. With a successful YouTube channel and a skilled team adept at creating animated videos, Theodore saw an opportunity to fill this gap.

Ali, our animator, brings each concept to life with visuals that captivate and explain.

Ali creation

Java, our artist, infuses style and substance into everything WhiteboardCrypto produces. Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words… well, Java’s are probably worth a million.

Monero draw

Together, they transform Theodore’s meticulously researched scripts into animated masterpieces that make learning about crypto an experience rather than a chore.

Basil has also joined the team, who heads our customer experience journey, as well as writing our weekly newsletter and helping Theodore with research. You will see her work, but you won’t know it’s her. For this, she deserves extra appreciation!

Mission and Vision

Initially a hobby, WhiteboardCrypto quickly grew into a mission: to produce the most useful educational videos for the crypto market. Our goal is to illuminate the world of crypto without the hype, focusing purely on the educational aspect.

We’re here to explain, not to sell.

In fact, we have never suggested for any of our viewers to buy or sell a particular crypto asset.

As we look to the future, our vision is clear. WhiteboardCrypto will be the premier destination for anyone looking to understand crypto, general finance, and the theory of money. We’re on a path to becoming the #1 YouTube channel and blog for those who seek to not just learn, but truly comprehend.

Engaging Content, Simplified

Our approach to education is what sets us apart. We use stories, analogies, and real-world examples to break down technical jargon into bite-sized, digestible pieces. Our content is rigorously proofread by individuals outside the crypto space to ensure that anyone, regardless of their background, can understand and apply what they learn.

Our content pillars include:

  • Blockchains: The backbone of cryptocurrency, explained in plain language.
  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance): An exploration of finance without the traditional gatekeepers.
  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens): Understanding the value and utility behind the digital collectible craze.
  • Web3: The next evolution of the internet, where you’re in control.

Building a Community

Our community is the heartbeat of WhiteboardCrypto. We’ve fostered a space where enthusiasts and newcomers alike can come together to learn and share. From our free Discord channel to the vibrant discussions in our YouTube comments, we’re building a scam-free environment where everyone’s voice is heard.


We’re proactive in our fight against scammers and impersonators, constantly reminding our audience of our commitment to authenticity.

Being in crypto, we repeat constantly: “We’ll never contact you first, and we’ll never ask for money.”

Measuring Our Impact

Impact for us isn’t just a number… it’s a feeling, a change, a transformation. We track YouTube views, customer feedback, and website traffic, but the true measure comes from the emails we receive.

Each message of gratitude tells us that we’re making a difference, one video at a time. Take a look at when our channel first exploded in September 2021:


Our community’s growth is a testament to our impact. When WhiteboardCrypto Club launched, over 5,000 members signed up in the first 60 days. It’s clear we’re not just creating content; we’re creating change.

Looking Ahead

WhiteboardCrypto is not just keeping up with the crypto world; we’re shaping its educational landscape.

We’re expanding our content to cover the theory of money, general finance, and privacy. We’re also developing new processes and hiring expert writers and content creators to build beautiful educational assets into areas beyond our current expertise.

Our engagement with professional organizations and invitations to speak at events, including Congress, underscore our role as thought leaders in this space.


We’re excited about the future and the opportunities to further educate and empower our audience.

Join Our Journey

When you dive into WhiteboardCrypto, you’re not just watching a video. You’re joining a movement towards informed, empowered financial participation. Feel educated, become enlightened, and step into the world of crypto with confidence.

Welcome to WhiteboardCrypto—where every video is a step towards decentralized financial literacy.

Common Questions

Who runs WhiteboardCrypto? The person operating WhiteboardCrypto is named Theodore. Ali, Java, and Basil are key team members.

What is the WhiteboardCrypto logo? The logo is a CryptoKitty named Honu, number #251. Honu was sold for $25,000 in an an auction to raise money for ocean preservation during 2018.