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Buy WhiteboardCrypto Club with Crypto

Follow these steps carefully. This is only for the $297 crypto payment for lifetime membership. Please note that crypto payments are non-refundable, and that partial or monthly payments won’t be accepted!

1) Pick a random number between 1 and 99.

2) Email “[email protected]” with this format:

Title: Paying with Crypto!

Body: I’ll be paying you with crypto for the lifetime membership to WhiteboardCrypto Club. I’ll be paying with [crypto] at an amount of [how much]. This equals [token amount]. Thanks!

3) For example, if I randomly selected 55, and wanted to pay with USDC on Ethereum, then I would say “I’ll be paying with USDC on Ethereum at an amount of $296.55. This equal 296.55 tokens.”. MAKE SURE TO SEND THE EMAIL FIRST. This way I can verify that $296.xx USDC comes from you. If you are already a member and swapping from a monthly/yearly payment, make sure to mention in the email!

4) Now you can send $296.xx to one of the payment addresses below. I do not need to approve your number or payment type, but please send the email before you send the transaction so I can match the timestamps properly to verify the payment is yours.

5) Once the transaction is verified, wait for 24 hours. Within 24 hours, I will email back with a lifetime link for you to enroll in the membership. 

BTC: bc1q0hskmrruzcu37qn6ud5446mqcdfcmns3zvxx7q

LTC: ltc1q45evcgzc00l4kx47wwjl9f4xhj3kuyqpu54ywm

Bitcoin Cash: qzltm9llcy59vfr75a6awmt0dj43dj07wqxkf08ur3

ETH or MATIC or AVAX or BSC or FTM (or any token on those networks): 0x61236DE2834fDcE9A4b4Fa3B68dDe39Eca7199Cb



SOLANA (and tokens): CFS7uQYXecdYRsck9mPbyehx1cbryyZX2xN6QBMwfoEr

ADA: addr1qy6qdyullc3qathfldcshv07tllm6k9g9zts2ymt5zx8t7ey00mfjew6e2s5stw5vlh9jhnyhsvys6lqznlssxm7vscs6ug8fn

Tron: TPhdyUeK3pGVcHEKWYB1gceVmqFoDXUwey

Tezos: tz1Qi4gxceTJRTPPmZVSR88bBB8Aj5kej6Mb

Ethereum Classic (ETC): 0x3806D9511fAaa3088b897D0eDD44286109d09821


If you want to pay with another crypto, email me at [email protected]!

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