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If you use Doordash, whether you’re ordering food or delivering it, you probably want your food fast and from a trustworthy place. You want to make sure the source is reliable.

Regrettably, scams and frauds targeting DoorDash users, including customers, merchants, and delivery drivers (known as “Dashers”), have been on the rise in recent years. It’s become more common for dishonest schemes to impact the DoorDash community.

DoorDash scams can take various forms, from fake promotions to attempts to obtain sensitive information.

For you, as a customer, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and be cautious about any unusual requests or offers. Being aware of potential scams helps you protect your personal information and ensures a secure experience when using DoorDash.

1) Fake Restaurants on DoorDash

Across the United States, ghost kitchens, also known as virtual kitchens, are gaining popularity. With this surge comes a troubling trend of fake restaurants operating under deceptive names.

For instance, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in April 2021 about a Japanese restaurant using its legitimate name but falsely claiming affiliation with the well-known Blowfish Sushi establishment.

Even with these fraudulent eateries, using food delivery services remains a secure option. DoorDash takes such issues seriously and actively safeguards the integrity of its platform. In this specific case, the bogus restaurant was swiftly removed from DoorDash’s list of available options.

Pay close attention to restaurant names and menus, as impostors may attempt to deceive unsuspecting customers. Taking a moment to research the authenticity and legitimacy of the chosen restaurant can prevent falling prey to scams. Always verify that the restaurant truly offers delivery through DoorDash by checking its official website.

2) DoorDash Verification Code Scam

This scam tries to trick Dashers, or Doordash delivery drivers, into revealing their login credentials. Scammers adopt a cunning approach by posing as Doordash support representatives, contacting Dashers and claiming there’s a glitch with their recent delivery payment.

To supposedly “fix” the problem and process the payment, the scammer insists on the Dasher verifying their account.

It could involve providing sensitive information like the login email and password or a verification code sent to their phone. Once they have this information, the scammer gains access to the Dasher’s account, manipulating the direct deposit details to divert payments to their own pockets rather than the Dasher’s hard-earned earnings.

To avoid falling victim, never share your Doordash login credentials or verification codes with anyone claiming to be from Doordash support during a phone call. Doordash will never call and request such sensitive account information.

If you suspect a payment issue, take matters into your own hands – log into your account or directly contact official Doordash support to address your concerns. Stay vigilant for unexpected calls, and never send money or goods to anyone who contacts you out of the blue.

Dashers should also be aware that DoorDash has implemented a security measure: they won’t allow the cash-out option if the debit card linked to a Dasher’s account has been changed within the past seven days. This protective measure is in place to ensure the safety of Dashers and prevent any unauthorized use of their accounts.

3) DoorDash Text Scam

Watch out for a scam going around through text messages that pretend to be from DoorDash. Scammers want you to believe there’s a delivery or refund waiting for you, and they include a link for you to “claim” it. The link takes you to a fake website designed to steal your personal information or payment details.

DoorDash never sends unexpected messages with links or asks for important information through text. If you get a message that seems a bit off, talking about a delivery or refund with a link, just delete it right away. Don’t click on any links or share personal info. Never respond to or click on links from unknown senders.

4) Stolen Accounts

Another trick scammers pull is stealing user accounts. They do this in different ways, like trying to guess passwords. Once they get into someone’s account, scammers might use it to make fake orders.

To keep your DoorDash account safe from this kind of theft, make sure your password is strong and not the same as the ones you use for other things. It’s a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication too. This adds an extra layer of protection.

If you see anything strange going on with your account, like orders you didn’t make or changes to your info that you didn’t do, don’t wait. Get in touch with DoorDash customer support right away. They can help you sort things out and keep your account secure.

5) DoorDash Reactivation Hacker Scam

With the Doordash reactivation hacker scam, scammers claim they can reactivate your deactivated account for a fee. These tricksters target people whose accounts got deactivated and offer to bring them back for a charge.

If you fall for their scheme and give them your personal info or money, it’ll only cause more problems. If your account is deactivated, reach out to DoorDash support directly using the app or website. Stick to the official deactivation and reactivation steps provided by DoorDash.

Never trust anyone asking for money in this situation. Report any strange activity you come across right away. It’s important to be cautious and not get fooled by these scams. Follow the correct procedures through Doordash support to handle account deactivation and reactivation.

6) Customers Scamming DoorDash for Free Food

This scam involves folks trying to get free food from DoorDash. The folks on TikTok share so-called “hacks” to trick DoorDash into giving them free meals. They make false claims, claiming their orders were wrong, late, or never showed up.

It’s disappointing that a few people are trying to take advantage of a system meant to support businesses and customers, especially when times are tough. Instead of appreciating the convenience and help that food delivery apps provide, some are choosing to be dishonest.

This isn’t fair to the hardworking restaurants who depend on these orders to keep their doors open. It’s also not fair to the drivers hustling to bring your meal to your doorstep.

7) DoorDash Insurance Scams

If you’re thinking about doing a delivery job, it’s crucial to know about insurance scams. Being fully insured is essential. Without the right coverage, you might end up responsible for paying for things that go wrong, like accidents or other incidents.

Not having proper insurance can also mean you might get into legal trouble if someone else is affected by what happens.

Don’t take any chances – be informed about insurance so you can avoid problems down the road. It’s an important part of being a responsible delivery driver and protecting yourself from scams or unexpected issues.

Read up on it, get the right coverage, and you’ll be in a better position to handle whatever comes your way while doing delivery jobs.

How to Identify and Avoid DoorDash Scams

Verify messages – Watch out for unexpected messages claiming to be from DoorDash. Scammers often send texts or emails pretending to be the company.

DoorDash does not send unsolicited messages with links or request personal information via text. Verify any message’s authenticity by checking your DoorDash app or contacting customer support directly through official channels.

Watch out for fake links – Avoid clicking on suspicious links, especially those promising rewards or urgent actions. Scammers use these links to lead you to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information.

DoorDash communicates primarily through its app and official website, not through random links in messages. Double-check the sender and the URL before clicking to ensure it’s legitimate.

Beware of reactivation scams – Scammers may promise to reactivate your deactivated DoorDash account for a fee. Remember, DoorDash does not charge fees for account reactivation.

If your account is deactivated, contact DoorDash support directly through the app or website and follow official reactivation protocols. Never provide personal information or payment to anyone claiming to reactivate your account outside of official channels.

Check for official communications – Legitimate communication from DoorDash will come through the app, website, or official email channels. Be wary of unsolicited messages, especially those requesting personal information or payment.

DoorDash will not ask for sensitive details via text or email. If you receive such a message, delete it immediately and report it to DoorDash to prevent further scams.

Secure your account – Protect your DoorDash account from theft by using a strong, unique password. Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

Scammers attempt to gain access through tactics like password guessing. If you notice any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized orders or changes to your account, contact DoorDash customer support promptly.

Understand insurance risks – If you’re considering a delivery job, be aware of insurance scams. Without proper coverage, you may face financial liability for accidents or incidents.

DoorDash recommends reading their comprehensive guide on insurance for delivery drivers to understand the risks fully. Being informed about insurance is crucial to avoiding potential scams and ensuring you’re adequately covered while working for DoorDash.

DoorDash offers a convenient platform for food delivery, connecting users with their favorite restaurants. However, amidst the convenience, it’s crucial to stay aware of potential scams that can compromise your experience.

Whether it’s verifying messages, avoiding suspicious links, or understanding reactivation and insurance scams, adopting a vigilant approach is essential. DoorDash communicates primarily through its app and official channels, and any unexpected messages requesting personal information or payment should raise red flags.

As you enjoy the ease of DoorDash, keep in mind the security measures discussed to protect yourself from DoorDash scams. By staying informed and practicing caution, you can fully appreciate the convenience of DoorDash while minimizing the risks associated with deceptive schemes.

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